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Express Shipping Upgrade
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Express Shipping Upgrade New

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ONLY ORDER THIS IF YOUR ORDER IS OVER $150 (excluding the shipping cost) 

We used to offer an express service with delivery coming in 1-5 days globally but with 90% of orders delivered after 3 days. Since changing fulfilment partners enable customers who elect to pay with standard shipping more useful tracking information, we had to stop offering the express service.

However, for customers who need their product more quickly then by adding this to your cart we will ask our new fulfilment partner to send the products you ordered to our former fulfilment partner who would then be able to despatch it using the express shipping option previously available online for $37.99.

However, due to the fact it requires a shipment to be sent from our current fulfilment partner to our former one, this itself will 2 days meaning that if you select this you should be aware that it will take a couple of days for us to receive the package and then send it onwards using our express service (once we send it out to you though it will still take 1-5 days as before).

Therefore, we recommend people take this into account when ordering so that if you normally ordered using express on a Thursday with the expectation that if it shipped Friday, it would arrive to you the following Monday or Tuesday, you should order on Tuesday so we can route it domestically in time for us to ship it using express on the Friday and have it delivered to you the following Monday or Tuesday.

As per the headline to this page, you should order over $150 of products if you are going to select this. Otherwise, we would not be able to send your order using express shipping in the manner described.