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Personalized Medicine
The need for medicine to be customised to the user's specific biochemical requirements is destined to be the future of medical advancement. Individual variance is a fact of human life and it can mean that even on the same diet or drug, two different individuals have such varying responses that the average recommendation does not fit either.

Personalised medicine is all about understanding what makes you unique as an individual so that treatment options are tailored to your specific needs. The more that is understood about a person's genetic makeup, the more precise and accurate are the recommendations for treatment.

In addition, to testing kits that let you analyse your health status more accurately, our personalise medicine section also provides a number of options for monitoring and correcting minor health issues via the use of first aid and therapeutic tools and mobility aids.
Individualizing medicinal requirements depends on knowing more than just someone's symptoms and past history but, in an ideal scenario, understanding the specific biochemical distinctiveness that helps to determine ideal recommendations for dietary interventions, exercise, and medical treatments
First Aid Kits ensure that no matter where you are, you can take a portable supply of key medicines and accessories to manage self-care in the event of suffering minor injuries such as cuts, abrasions, and so forth
Evopharmacy offers a range of self-diagnostic health tests that work via either urine, blood or hair analysis
Our level of hormones play a highly significant role in determining how easily we gain or lose weight, helping to determine our muscle to fat ratio, and also impacting our ability to handle stress and be successful in a number of areas
This section contains a range of products designed to help improve mobility, and improve recovery and includes myo-fascial release devices such as foam rollers, as well as other products designed to reduce muscle soreness
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