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Muscle and Strength
There has been a growing awareness of the vital role that increased muscle mass and strength plays, not just for athletes but for enhancing general health as we age. While aging will inevitably lead to a deterioration in physical condition, we can do a great deal to delay this by maintaining our level of muscle mass for longer. Not only do we benefit by being more active and able to take part in activities that would otherwise be off-limits, but maintaining a greater degree of muscle mass also helps with supporting a faster metabolism and helping to prevent fat accumulation and the deleterious effects associated with it such as increased levels of heart disease, cancer and diabetes to name just three.

The products in this section can help maintain and enhance physical performance by increasing the rate at which muscle and strength is gained with users also noticing an improved ability to recover from exercise and the day to day stresses of life. 

Remember, that if you cannot find the medicine you are looking for on our website, please drop us an email as we are able to source thousands of medicines, only a small portion of which are currently listed online.

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Clenbuterol 50 x 20mcg
Effective Beta-Agonist used as a Bronchodilator
Used to treat Asthma 
Can help aide fat-loss

DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine) 90 x 40mg
Appetite Suppressant
Energy Enhancement
Growth Hormone (Soma-Trop) 100IU
Incredible rejuvenating effect
Enhances fat loss
Improves joint integrity
Meldonium 60 x 250mg
Used to treat heart disease
Anti-Ischemia medicine
Used to boost sports performance 
Testogel (Testosterone Gel)
Treats low Testosterone levels
Transdermal absorption 
Genuine new formulation of Testogel
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