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The immune system plays a vital role in protecting organisms from ill-health. By acting as a protective shield, our immune system helps keep us healthy and free from disease caused by viruses, bacteria and other toxins.

However, in some individuals, the immune system is so strong that not only does it attack external toxins, it can actually starts to damage vital parts of our own body. People with this condition suffer from what is called an autoimmune disease, examples of which include certain joint and skin diseases.

In such instances, an immunosupressant drug is needed to help modulate the patient's immune response and restore their health back. We offer a wide variety of such medicines at Evopharmacy which are designed for use across a diverse set of different diseases.

Remember, that if you cannot find the medicine you are looking for on our website, please drop us an email as we are able to source thousands of medicines, only a small portion of which are currently listed online.

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Prograf (Tacrolimus)
Used for transplant patients
Prevents organ rejection
Very potent immunosuppressant
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