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Body Health
This section of Evopharmacy encompasses drugs designed to treat conditions associated with the body, excluding the brain and those specific drugs which are indicated for use with male or female health issues only.

While browsing through the various categories of products, note that Evopharmacy has the ability to source other medicines not covered here so if you do have a specific need for a particular medicine please contact us by email and we will endeavour to assist you by providing the specific medicine you require.
Anti-Viral medication is used for combating illness caused by viruses, probably the most common type of infectious disease
Antihistamines are the treatment of choice to help you manage allergy symptoms so that you do not find yourself overcome with watery eyes and sneezing which would otherwise make life miserable
Anti-estrogens include two main types of products: Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMS) Aromatase Inhibitor (AI's) While both are prescribed for patients requiring a reduction in levels of circulating estrogen, SERMS such as tamoxifen and clomiphene, work by binding to the estrogen receptor and thereby displace estrogen from binding there
Anti-Fungal medicines are used for treating fungal infections which commonly affect areas such as the skin, hair and toenails
Anti-sickness medicines are used to combat nausea and vomiting and comprise variety of drugs including 5-HT3 antagonists, dopamine antagonists, NK1 receptor antagonists, antihistamines, to name just a few of the mechanisms by which they exert their effect
Antibiotics are life-saving medicines which are the only recognised treatment for treating bacterial infections
Asthma is a debilitating medical condition that can be life-threatening in some cases so it is imperative that if you suffer from asthma, that you are well armed with medication to treat it
With cardiac disease a major killer in the western world, medications are used widely to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, angina, atherosclerosis, and arterial diseases to name but a few
Diabetes medicines are used to help regulate blood glucose levels by acting in either an anti-hypoglycemic or anti-hyperglycemic manner
Good digestive health is considered fundamental to overall health as impaired digestive function can lead to a number of problems ranging from nutrient deficiencies, stomach ulcers, abdominal distension, constipation and diarrhoea, to name just a few
The eyes are undoubtedly the most important organ with regards to our perception of the world
It's vital to look after your feet
Hormonal drugs are among the most commonly prescribed of all medicines used to correct deficiencies in a wide array of hormones as well as to correct over-production in some cases
The immune system plays a vital role in protecting organisms from ill-health
Joint diseases such as arthritis are one of the most common medical complaints and can very considerably from causing minor discomfort to being debilitating conditions that seriously compromise quality of life for sufferers
Muscle Relaxants are used clinically to help induce increased muscle relaxation and are a first line treatment for conditions where painful muscle spasms can lead to agonising pain for individuals
We stock a wide range of oral care products for you to choose from to help protect your teeth, gums, tongue and mouth
Pain is undoubtedly the number one reason why patients visit doctors and its management and resolution is critical for quality of life and enabling individuals to return to work
The skin is the largest organ our body has, it's often neglected however it's healthy maintenance is vital for a healthy lifestyle
Thyroid hormones are most closely associated with metabolism or the process by which fuel (in the form of food) is converted by the body into cellular structures such as proteins and fats or else excreted from the body
Urinary incontinence is when our bladder unintentionally passes urine
Being overweight is one of the leading contributors to ill-health in the modern world today
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